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Fine art & Motion design

Apollon and Daphne Animated short

Apollon and Daphne

Animated short, 2011

The animated shortfilm 'Apollon and Daphne' was inspired by an ancient Roman tale, written by Ovid.

The marble sculpture 'Apollon and Daphne’ by Bernini serves as a reference to the metamorphosis of Daphne. The film is an abstract realization along the lines of expressionist painters, like Wassily Kandinsky and August Macke.

A story

Eros, the messenger of love in Greek mythology is shown with wings. Apollon, the god of music and archery makes fun of him. He is the son of Zeus and the goddess Leto and one of the twelve main deities oft he Greek Pantheon. He is an arrogant person.

After that mockery Eros takes revenge on Apollon by shooting an love arrow with a golden arrowhead at him and an arrow with a leaden arrowhead at the mountain nymph Daphne. In Greek mythology she is the goddess of the earth, the daughter of the river god Peneios and a virgin huntswoman.

Apollon falls in love with her. Daphne however feels disgusted. Apollon approaches and flatters her. He admits his adoration to her. But Daphne feels pressurized by him, and backs off in disgust. Apollon then seizes her and tries to force her near him. Daphne finally does not know what to do except to flee from him in terror.

Completely exhausted from being chased by Apollon, she begs her godfather Peneios for a metamorphosise, so she would not be attractive to Apollon any longer. After being granted the metamorphosis, she loses her clothes and her limbs freeze. Comparable to Berini’s sculpture and Ovid’s ancient piece of writing, Daphne turns into a laurel tree.

In order to create the shortfilm, more than 650 pictures were created and then digitally composed. The paintings resulted from a combination of acrylic and ink on paper.


Music composed Andrew Osano

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